Jones-Bowman Leadership Award Program

Jones-Bowman 2011/12 community service project (0:30)

The Jones-Bowman Leadership Award Program makes financial awards to undergraduate college students committed to developing their leadership skills. The program honors the memory and leadership of Principal Chief Leon Jones and Mr. James Bowman, who were founding members of the Board of Directors of Cherokee Preservation Foundation.

Each year they participate in the program, Jones-Bowman Fellows receive funding of approximately $4,000 for individual leadership learning plans they develop with their mentor.

The 2012/2013 Jones-Bowman Fellows are Kayla Smith, Jerae Jackson, Joey Owle, Savannah Hicks, Dakota Brown, Carmen Johnson and Kelsey Standingdeer.  They are being mentored by Lucretia Hicks, Sky Kanott and Kevin Jackson, all of whom were formerly Fellows.  Steering Committee members who help lead the program are Roseanna Belt, Carmaleta Monteith and Ashleigh Brown.

Recently, the Jones-Bowman Fellows participated in a Children's Day event in Cherokee, NC, to teach children and interested adult members of the Tribe how to construct a vermicomposting bin and maintain the simple system. The bins, live worms and other materials, including vermicomposting coloring sheets and rubber bugs and worms for the children, were funded by Cherokee Preservation Foundation.


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